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Create an eCommerce shop with multiple items for FREE and pay only for ads

• Digital Products
• Eateries & Restaurants
• Event Planning
• Hotel Bookings
• Property & Real Estate
• Real Products
• Service Bookings
• Web Links Promotions

Shop Features:
✓ A unique shop link, example
✓ Online booking & ordering of items through "add to cart" technology
✓ Automated invoice and receipt on booking and ordering
✓ Desired trading currency
✓ Customized trading location(s)
✓ Up to six (6) pages which are: home, about us, contact us, shop, posts, videos, etc.
✓ Multiple items
✓ Periodic social media marketing
✓ Preferred delivery options
✓ More than THREE (3) payment options
Shops & Items Advertised On:
And other social media platforms

Daily Charges: (94% Discount)
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$4.70 [0.00]
Pay Now:
$0.30 [0.00]
30 Days Trial Available
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